Clutter Nutter: How Much Is Too Much?

Recently I’ve been thinking about my wardrobe.

I’m not exactly what you would call a fashionable person. I don’t follow trends, or read girly magazines. But I do like to look good.

Don’t we all?

Our wardrobe is cramped, to say the least. There’s hardly any hanging space, and most of the hangers in there have two or three items on them. Not great for finding things. Especially as we seem to have a duvet or two stuffed in there. And a number of boxes of airguns that S collected when he was younger.

As a result, most of our clothes are instead piled onto shelves. Which is also not overly conducive to finding things.

This does go a long way to explaining why I feel like I never have anything to wear.

There’s not much we can do about the space thing. At least until we get our own place, which doesn’t seem likely to happen in the near future…

So instead, I’ve decided to declutter. I am going to get rid of a few things.

I’m starting with tops which incidentally I have so far discovered I have over 50 of, and considering that doesn’t include the ones stored in a box under the bed, or waiting in the wash basket to be cleaned… I’m sure you can agree that I need to get rid of some. I would guess the final number to be 70-80. And I probably, like most of us, where the same few again and again.

The problem is that it seems every top I suggest taking to the charity shop, is met with a response of “Oh, but I really like that one on you…”

I guess that’s nice, but… not really helping with the decluttering!

My solution? Well…

What better way to decide what to get rid of than to see which items I don’t wear often? (Okay that has the slight flaw that some things don’t get worn simply because they’re buried under everything, but we’ll ignore that for now.)

So this morning I have emptied the drawer of tops, put them in a pile on the bed, and gone through attaching a paper-clip to each and every top. Do note that if your paper-clips are the plain metal variety they may snag your clothes, so do be careful. Alternatively you could use clothes pegs (we couldn’t find any), or if all your clothes are on hangers have the ones you haven’t worn face one way, and the others another way (if that makes sense…)

So, at the end of the year I will go through all my tops again (long term project here…) and any that still have paper-clips on will be sadly waved goodbye to and taken to the charity shop!

Now, I have to go and finish sorting through the rest of the tops.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about decluttering the wardrobe. Any tips? And, like the post title asks, how much (when it comes to clothes) is too much? Leave us a comment below!


Lady Joyful

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