The Joyful Soul was created in early 2012. After many months of talking about how wanting to make a blog and all the different things to do with it, Lord and Lady Joyful finally got around to it.

The original plan was to run The Joyful Soul as a ‘this and that’ blog, talking about whatever took their fancy at the time. It quickly developed into a cooking blog with posts every Monday. Less than a year after launching the blog went through a dry period during which no new posts were made. This was an unfortunate side effect of moving into a new flat at the same time as starting studying, resulting in very little time for blogging.

The dry spell lasted a couple of months after which Lady Joyful heard about NaBloPoMo and decided to take part as a way of getting the blog back up and running. The cooking posts disappeared but will hopefully be reinstated semi-regularly at least. Instead, Lady Joyful started to take part in PostADay as a way to encourage posting. It was a good decision. A story written for the DPchallenge during the first week was met with much acclaim. In fact, the story was so successful that it got Freshly Pressed and the next couple of days bought the blog more traffic than it had ever seen before.

What does the future hold for The Joyful Soul?

Lady Joyful intends to try and keep up with daily postings as much as possible, even after reaching the end of NaBloPoMo. Posts may be on a variety of subjects, from writing and photography, to cats and cooking, and whatever prompts appeal. Lord Joyful has also expressed an interest in maintaining the blog, and intends to start writing his own contributions to the post.

For more information on Lord and Lady Joyful, see the page The Joyful Souls.

Please post any questions about the blog in the comments section below.

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